Why Does my DJ NEED Liability Insurance?

Why does my DJ need Liability Insurance?

In short, for the “WHAT?!” Ifs in LIFE.

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, celebrating your wedding. But what if something goes wrong?

DJ Liability Insurance covers a DJ for any damages a member of the public may be awarded as a consequence of injury or damage to them or their belongings caused by the DJ or their equipment. It also covers legal costs & other expenses to do with defending a claim.

Liability Insurance covers the DJ, the Venue, and YOU in case of an accident caused by his equipment. There is always a chance that someone will trip and fall and seriously get injured. Nowadays, you don’t know if that person is going to turn around and sue you, the person that invited him to your party. Without the DJ’s liability insurance, there is a chance you will have to pay for those costs.

X-Sight Music is one of the few Indiana DJ companies that carry Liability Insurance. Now venues are begining to REQUIRE your DJ to carry insurance and provide proof before they are allowed to setup. Check with your venue!

In short, the Venue may require the DJ (and other vendors, photographer, videographer, etc) to carry liabilty insurance. True professional DJs will have it (weekend-warriors probably won’t) and it’s a simply way to ensure your wedding day will be a day to remember in a good way, not in a court room.