Goodbye – Thanks for the Memories


1984…Wow that was a long time ago! That’s when it started. Bruce, Mark, Matt, Andy and me. Freshmen in HS DJing the dance. We built most of our equipment, speakers, lighting and even the mixer was homemade but it worked. If you are planing to lease a car you may be interesting in the 9 Van Leasing: Expectations vs. Reality.

Note to principle of my high school – I truly do thank you for banning me from DJing any more dances. It ignited a passion and formed a simple mission:

 “We Play the Music You Want to Hear”

Later came Chris (Extreme Sound DJs), Rob and last but certainly not least Todd.

I tried to run the numbers and I believe I’m pretty close:

  • 624 School Dances and Proms

  • 3120 Nightclub events… some we can remember, some we can’t

  • 6380 Couples let us share the experience on biggest day of their lives, their wedding!

  • Plus Birthdays, Graduations, Retirement and yes even a couple celebrations of life aka funerals

Now it’s time say goodbye, it’s been a great 34 years and I can’t even begin to thank everyone enough!

In true X-Sight tradition… we never go out on a slow note!

If you don’t work here, sleep here or sleep with someone who works here you gotta go!

For the rest of you
REGULATORS… Mount Up. We’re going Back 2 the Hotel